Watch more than 1,400 worldwide TV channels right on your PC
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Explore the huge list of available tV channels, search for ones that you want to see based on their genre, language or country and watch them on your computer.

TV is the straightforward name of a free application that will allow you to locate and watch nearly 1,500 TV stations worldwide for free. Searching for your favorite TV station is as simple as selecting any of the four search criteria provided – by genre, language, world region, or country. You are also invited to browse the list of channels available at a given time and thus enjoy and discover TV stations you did not know even existed.

TV’s interface is a simple as they come. Except for the search panel on the left, most of the program’s main window is devoted to a large fixed screen. Some TV stations will stream their programs live in this non-resizable screen, while others will open their own window. You won’t need to worry about the video format in which a given station is broadcasting its programs – TV will switch from one format to the next whenever necessary, and all you need to do is keep browsing and discovering new channels.

TV also offers you a wide range of radio channels for you to listen to. Thanks to the amazing range of stations the program can connect to and its worldwide reach, you will always have a wide choice of TV and radio channels to choose from at any given time. This free virtual TV set will allow you to find and discover hundreds of new online stations just by installing it on your PC – you will be able to start watching TV on your computer right away, without any extra wires or connections, and without any complicated adjustments to make to set up your TV.

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  • Four search options to locate your favorite stations
  • TV channels organized by genre
  • Nearly 1,500 TV stations worldwide
  • It adapts to the various broadcasting formats


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